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PostSubject: A JOURNEY'S END AT WOUNDED KNEE   Fri Jul 04, 2008 12:34 pm

In 1835 Andrew Jackson offered the Cherokee Nation 4 million dollars to move because he wanted their land. The indians refused but were marched off the land anyway. 19,000 Cherokees and 2,000 black slaves were forced at gun point to walk for 1,000 miles to their new territories and thousands died. It became known as the *Cherokee Trail Of Tears.* ~

The wind blows softly through the grass
of yellow, brown and gold
they sway in tribute for those lost
their mournful stories unfold

The path that leads up to the hill
where buried families lay
echoes to the sound of horses hooves
the ground feels to this day
the graves....and still....and yet
there's sound
of voices in the air
those cries you hear are not the wind
souls asking you to care
you stand there voices cry
the tears begin to flow
you feel their pain and sorrow deep
Great Mysteries name you call

The eagles cry from Sacred sites
their screams heard far and wide
do not forget what happened here
lest history tries to hide
the heart connects with spirit deep
to join them in their prayer
they plead to mend the circle now
all nations....hands care
the prayer ties wave with gentle winds
to join the swaying grass
all earth responds with prayers of hope
for peaceul souls at last

~ Unknown ~
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