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 Path Of The Feather

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PostSubject: Path Of The Feather   Fri Jul 04, 2008 12:42 pm

The Path of the Feather as a teaching, is about becoming a contemporary Shaman by seeing and hearing the voices of the living earth. It is about finding out who you are by making medicine wheels and listening to the voices of the spirit animals and ancient ones. It is about you living your ordinary life as your vision quest, as your Shamanic journey. It is about you becoming one who sees and one who heals the earth with intent.

This Shamanic journey is your personal story of transformation, empowerment and healing. The Path of the Feather is about your journey right now, embodying the sacred in the simplest ways. Here, the Shaman's journey is not presented as something that is unusual or foreign, it is about seeing the earth as sacred and living your life as sacred, from where you are now. It is about seeing yourself as a Shaman, about seeing who you are on earth and what you are about to do. It is about personal transformation, about opening your eyes and awakening.

What is a Shaman and how does the concept apply to art and healing? The Shaman in tribal cultures is the person who sees into the sacred world and shares the visions with the people. The Shaman brings their sacred visions out as art, music, dance and storytelling. By this ritual art process, the Shamans heal themselves, others and the earth.

By having visions of healing and doing sacred ritual, the Shaman makes the visions come true. This is ancient magic, ancient healing. The Shaman manifests reality in the outer world, from the visionary world. That is the way the world was created from God's vision. The Path of the Feather is about you going inward to your source of power. It does not need a teacher, or a trip to India, it only needs you where you are now, and the earth around you. The Path of the Feather has 3 simple steps.

The 1st step is the making of the Shaman, which involves surrender to the earth. It involves you reframing your whole life as sacred and healing.

The 2nd step is seeing the earth as sacred, which involves hearing the ancient spirits sing, and seeing out of the eyes of the spirit animals in order to understand the earth's story.

The 3rd step is the healing, the making of the living medicine wheel, which involves doing rituals to heal yourself, others and the earth.

In the moments that you do this, you will be found and know who you are, because the living earth gives you the gifts of who you are and what you are to do. This will lead you to the place on earth where you will know that you are perfectly loved. It will bring out your inner artist and healer, it will let you be yourself. For all we are is her most beautiful aspect, her artist and healer, her visionary dreamer.

In our work with healing artists, we have found that they can work better if they see themselves as doing sacred or Shamanic work. This is because the 1st artist and the 1st healer were one -the Shaman, so the concept itself is deeply rooted in history.

Out of all traces of the animals, feathers are the easiest to find. It takes a special moment, a sacred space to see the beauty of the feather, and if you have paused long enough to notice, and stopped long enough to pick it up, you can be assured you are already on this path. Birds leave their feathers as traces all around us. You wont find other animal traces so easily unless you are lucky enough to live in a wild place. Bears or lions dont leave traces except in your visions. Each time you pick up a feather it is a reminder that you are on the right path and life is sacred again.

On the Path of the Feather, we pray for world peace. In this dark time, making medicine wheels for peace and forgiveness is our work. Making art, writing, dancing and making music for our world peace is our work. Pray and make medicine wheels to heal those who are in pain, to forgive and to bring world peace.

Prayer of thanks to Great Spirit ~
Shaman in many traditions pray to Great Spirit before they do any work. They say it is crucial to give thanks, call in Great Spirit before starting out. We have used this prayer with groups to start our shaman work.
"As we start on The Path of the Feather let us pray to those who help us on the way. Let us pray for them to come to us, and be with us in this work we are about to do. God, Buddha, Great Spirit, Our Teachers, she who gardens us from above, come to us and help us with this work. We thank you for the earth, for our families, and for us as the Shaman that we all are. We thank you for our spirits and our ability to pray, to make us see visions and to speak to power animals and ancient ones. We thank you for our eyes, our ears, our hands, our bodies, and our lives.
Help us tell the truth and help us understand these words. Help us heal ourselves, others we love, and the earth. Help us make our sacred medicine wheels to heal ourselves, others, and the earth." Close your eyes a moment and be silent. Pause and centre yourself. Thank the powers that you believe in, pray for what you need.

~ Unknown ~
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Path Of The Feather
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