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PostSubject: GUARDIAN ANGELS ~   Sat Jul 05, 2008 9:08 am

Guardian Angel ~

I dreamt i went to Heaven and my guardian angel showed me round,we walked side by side round a large workroom full of angels, we stopped at the 1st section and my angel said "This is the receiving section, here, all petitions sent to God in prayer are received." It was very busy.

In the 2nd section, the graces and blessings people ask for are processed and delivered to whoever asked for them, this section too was very busy.

The 3rd section, the acknowledgement section, was very small with only one angel in it. When i asked why there was no work going on in here, my angel was embarrased and said, "After people receive the blessings and graces they asked for, very few send back acknowledgements".

I asked, "How do you acknowledge God's blessings?" and my angel said "It's very simple, just say thank you Lord".

~ Unknown ~[/color]
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