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PostSubject: ANGEL HEIRACHY   Sat Jul 05, 2008 9:15 am

There are 4 main Archangels ~ Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel
There are 4 Subsidiaries ~ Samael, Cassiel, Sachiel and Haniel
There are 8 Powers ~ Ariel, Azrael, Chamuel, Jophiel, Raziel, Zadkiel and twins, Sandalphon and Metatron.

Sandalphon and Metatron
are twins and the only 2 humans ever to become angels. They were the prophets Elijah and Enoch.

Angels are closest to humanity, their purpose is to protect us, their wings are white with silver tips. Their function is fear and phobias. Their totem is seagull.

Archangels are powerful beings of light, they're messengers and carry a green healing sceptre, their wings are white with blue tips. Their function is hope, their totem is wolf.

Carrions are protectors of white entities, they protect us by surrounding dark entities and negating their evil influences. Their wings have orange tips. Their function is fate, their totem is raven.

Principalities oversee large groups and organisations, they guard nations, cities and leaders. their wings are gold. They are Om's army (Father God) and their function is justice. Their totem is lion.

protect our souls from evil beings and avenge evil in the world. They are the keepers of the Akashic Records and they oversee birth, death and re-birth. Their wings are greenish white, they are healers and their function is peace. Their totem is falcon.

Thrones are angels of the planets and they're known as "many-eyed ones" and "wheels" as they are charioteers around the throne of God. They have 4 faces and 4 wings. Their wings are purplish white and they are Azna's (Mother God) army. Their function is fertility (emotions) Their totem is elephant.

Dominions are Governors of all angelic beings not as evolved as themselves, they advise lower groups. They carry a golden staff in their right hands and the seal of God in their left hands. Their wings have a maroonish tint, they are over-seers of good and recorders of deeds. Their function is strength. Their totem is cougar.

are known as brilliant or shining ones because they transmit enormous beams of white light. They are angels of miracles and blessings, their wings are silver with blue tips and they help with our life charts. Their function is morals.
Their totem is dove.

Cherubim are guardians of light (sun, moon, stars) guardians of the Arc of the Covenant, and record keepers of Heaven. Their wings are white with rose tips and they are joyous singers. Their function is insomnia. Their totem is canary.

Seraphim are the highest order of the angels, closest to God, they surround his Throne and sing His praises. They balance the movement of the planets, stars and Heaven using sound. They're flaming creatures and have 6 wings - 2 to cover face, 2 to cover body and 2 to fly. They too are joyous singers and their wings are white with rose tips. Thier function is remembering dreams. Their totem is canary.

*The newest angels are called Abdals (The substitutes). These are 70 mysterious spirits whose identity is known only to God alone and through whose operations, the world continues to exist. When one dies, (they're not immortal) another is secretly appointed by God as a replacement.
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