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 A-Z of Crystals

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PostSubject: A-Z of Crystals   Sun Jul 06, 2008 4:34 pm

Posted by skylark on the original forum.

It is important to remember that what is written below is just someone else's thoughts, the crystals mentioned may not work for you as they have for me, it's always better to go with your own intuition ~ that won't let you down.

Crystals A-Z

Blue Lace Agate: Calms the mind & fiery emotions. Gives the sense of 'having wings' Good for those starting to walk the spiritual path

Botswana Agate: Good for problem solving, enhancing creativity, being conscientious

Green Moss Agate; Promotes agreeability, persuasiveness & strength. Good for people who enjoy plants & nature.

All . Imparts a sense of strength and courage - Grounding but energetic. A powerful healer

The 'Thinker' Soothes the nerves, strengthens the heart & the body, helps people to speak out. Aids ability to release emotional grief by expressing it through creativity. Opens the connection between the thymus and throat. Promotes expression of emotion in order to heal and resolve them.

Amber - Fossilized resin from prehistoric pine trees.
Stimulates the intellect, helps bring about what is needed in one's life. Good when renewing old or tired relationships
Helps regarding psychic attacks and energy draining from others. Often used by healers as a protective shield against taking on others pain in healing work

A wonderful healing stone. Gently relaxes the body, calms the nerves & elevates the spirit. Aids restful sleep. For those seeking to expand their inner seeing, intuition & spiritual connection
A great crystal to place in front of the computer screen as it 'pulls' in negativity and regenerates into positive into the atmosphere

Balances yin & yang energies. Aligns physical & etheric bodies, maintains good health. Diffuses energy blocks in the nervous system, relieves muscle spasm.

Excellent for communication. Sets up a protective shield around the aura. Symbolised love & light in the world & peace between all peoples. For telepathy & raising awareness

Apache Tears
Grounding, stabilizing & purifying stone. Allows us to cry & grieve over past & present sorrows

For self reflection, analysis, inner sight & prophecy. Brings 'light' into one's life

Aqua Aura
A top favourite for activating the energy centres & releasing emotional tension from the body. Creates an aura of protection to keep our unwanted energies. Capture the brilliant blue sky of a Summer day with
this quartz crystal containing gold

Promotes clear thinking. Good for interviews & exams. Inspires new ideas. Helps banish fears and phobias. Excellent for meditation, inspiration, peace, calmness

For adventure in life, love & sport! Reinforces leadership, courage & independence. Helps release old fears. Brings one into alignment with their center. Independence, health & well being.

These nuggets of velvety blue aid psychic development, allow greater mental control & decision making. They cut through deep unconscious fears, & accelerate spiritual growth

In general Beryl's properties relieve tension & help overcome feeling of tiredness, fatigue or laziness. Helps increase mental balance & encourages spiritual cleansing, also a good 'personal protective' stone

Oxygenates the bloodstream & purifies the heart, liver, spleen & bone marrow. Balances iron deficiencies & enhances vitality

Boji stone
Comes in male & female form, that is smooth or rough. It is recommended to use both as a pair. This is a stone which balances energies & inspires its bearer with joy & vitality. It imparts power & strengthens its user. Said to be a good grounding stone…However, I have known it to send some people 'away with the fairies'

A 'teacher'. For new ways of thinking & feeling
Blue ~ for new ways of self-expression & communication

Green ~ For letting go of old ways of thinking & moving into the new with clarity.

Orange~ Lifts depression & lethargy, inspires, motivates, promotes positivity & sociability. Great for team-work & groups ~ place this stone where people meet together

Optical (clear) For 'parallels' Lets you see another person's point of view, opens up another possibility or reality in any situation
Pink ~ Opens the heart to deeper, newer feelings, A wonderfully gently stone for new ways of sharing & expressing love

For creativity, motivation & inner balance. Helps absentmindedness & daydreaming. A lovely stone for 'women's problems ~ helps to ease stomach cramps

Helps to bring the feel-good factor back into your life. The 'Stone of Heaven', inhabited by the 'fairy of good fortune' A great stone for spiritual growth

A rich purple stone to dissolve old patterns of fear & bring together heart & head. Unshackle chains holding you back from being who you want to be. Good for eliminating fear & guilt

Turquoise & aqua green, to nurture & purify. 'The Womans friend' ~ a feminine stone, helps strengthen communication, balance the emotions & express love, can help to regulate the 'monthly cycle'

Brings a 'Springlike' freshness to the psyche & emotions, for starting new relationships & clearing old destructive patterns of thinking. Calming, balancing, healing for physical, emotional, mental bodies. Helps one see into personal problems.

Prosperity, abundance & making things happen. For self-confidence & self-esteem. Good for finding new direction. Useful in balancing energy, a very powerful & helpful stone for use with Seasonal Affected Disorder (S.A.D)

Clear Quartz
The 'stone of power' for dynamic all-round healing. For physical energy, mental clarity, emotional balance & spiritual expansion. Use to amplify physical energy, thoughts, prayers & wishes; to harmonize, heal & create higher awareness. Placed in the environment, quarts will create an atmosphere of energy, balance & protection
(not a good crystal to place in front of the computer)

Let your 'light' shine with this twinkling pink crystal. Feel close to your Angels & Guides. Puts a mantle of peace around & lets us feel loved

Desert Rose/Sand Rose...Fragile, layers ~ deep thought, an emotionally charged crystal....digs deep within easing out each layer at a time until clarity is found.
If used in meditation ~ be careful how you use it...give yourself time between sessions to think ~ really think about what this strange stone has given you
A beautiful deep caring energy ~ but fragile just like a Rose

For healing a 'broken heart' & learning to trust again in love. Brings emotional stability & lets us release the past. Apparently excellent for use with healing and affirmations.

Stone of 'successful love' for loyalty & sensitivity in relationships. Opens the heart & brings harmony into all areas of life. Enhances dreams & meditation.

The 'stone of organization'. Keep close by when structuring your thoughts. This marbled green & purple crystal is great for writing lists, letters, essays, reports & so on. Use during exams & to keep the mind alert & ordered.. Excellent for meditation. Protective especially on a psychic level

The 'stone of health' for stabilizing the mind, body & emotions. Enhances our life~force & allows regeneration. A brilliant grounding stone - has a strong affinity with the base chakra

Reinforces self-confidence & recognition of self-worth. The stone dispels feelings of 'missing out' & of emptiness. Protects against negative moods & pessimism, encourages the 'bearer' to return to his true self & his inner truth

~Spirituality First~
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Number of posts : 2880
Registration date : 2007-11-18

PostSubject: Re: A-Z of Crystals   Sun Jul 06, 2008 4:34 pm

Grounding, good for the memory, for technical & mathematical thinking & mentally 'sorting things out' excellent for the logical mind, also provides protection against negative emotions & increases resistance to pressure/stress

Herkimer diamond
The 'Champagne stone' full of light. A highly energizing, effervescent, 'diamond' to cut through energy blocks & depression, with laser-like action. Lifts & enlivens the spirits. Good to use for charka balancing.
Is known to store thought forms and information.

Reassures, stabilises & protects the heart & emotions. Use for balance when feeling vulnerable or to contain emotions

Nurturing, stabilising & grounding. Revered by ancient cultures for its protective qualities

Red ~ General good heath
Yellow~ Protection
Picture jasper ~ Connection with past civilisations

Excellent for self~love, romantic love & unconditional love. For loving thoughts & communication, helps to heal the heart centre. Excellent balancer for physical/emotional/mental bodies. Powerful stone for opening/healing heart. Helps one surrender to higher self. Enhances self-esteem. Tolerance & acceptance. A very soothing & calming stone

Prepares the mind for quietness & meditation. Dispels anger, frustration & confusion, helps to build-up an oasis of calm within

The 'stone of magic' to bring a magical feeling into your life. Spanged with luminous blue & yellow, for patience, transformation & a good sense of time. Represent the 'Temple of the Stars', giving courage to guide you through change & find your destiny

A cooling, soothing & anti-inflammatory blue Caribbean stone for the body & emotions. Unites the mind & heart, quenching anger & fiery emotions

Lapis Lazuli
Takes you to an inner temple of peace. Expands intellectual & intuitive abilities. For gaining insight into dreams & unknown mysteries. Revered & used by the Egyptians. Enhances psychic abilities & communication with higher self and spirit guides.

For gently breaking addictions & compulsive behaviour. Bridges the heat & the heart to encourage flow. The 'gardeners stone'

Cleanses the body & emotions, allowing the old to make way for the new.
It moves energy from the higher planes & grounds it into the green earth, encourages tolerance, flexibility, stability & alleviates impatience
~ highly toxic if placed in water ~

A powerful stone for highly sensitive souls; to deal with the harshness of human suffering & material realities. Moldavite burns through blockages, preparing you for a new life. Formed from a meteor impact over 14 million years ago!

The 'stone of femininity' Excellent for regulating the monthly cycle & natural rhythms of the body. For over~emotional people, to help balance emotions. Helps to relieve anxiety & stress Good for allowing men to open up & express their feelings

Grounding; for working deeply on oneself
Black ~ Unearths the 'shadow' side of human nature, so that it can be understood & healed

Snowflake ~ Allows us to feel safe & love in our aloneness. For recognizing & releasing undesirable patterns

Rainbow ~ A rare gift ~ To recognize the hidden rainbows within the apparent darkness

Stone of 'happy dreams & changes' for understanding & fulfilling our potential. Good for problem-solving whilst dreaming

Get up & go with peridot! A high-energy stone for those who would like more physical stamina & vitality. Inspires happiness, diminishes anger & jealousy Overall balancer and tonic for body/mind. Aligns subtle bodies. Increases intuitive awareness. Reduces stress. Stimulates mind. Accelerates personal growth, opens new doors of opportunity

Phantom quartz
Special crystals symbolizing universal awareness. Use to tune-in to your personal guide. Allows access to self-knowledge & past life experiences. For deeper healing using knowledge of oneself

'Fools gold' Sheilds from all kinds of negative energy, whether environmental pollutants or 'bad vibes'. Symbolizes the warmth of the sun - Influences a more positive outlook on life.
~ highly toxic if placed in water ~

The 'stone of love & balance' with swirls of pink & peach. For healing emotional hurts & traumas past & present. Creates new worlds of love & dreams. Enhances memory and intellectual power

A soft pinky-peach to heal old emotional scars & traumas. Cradles you in its gentleness, to let you feel less vulnerable & more generous-hearted to those around. Good for women constantly 'giving' to families & in the workplace. Excellent for helping men to express their feelings

Rose Quartz
The stone of 'unconditional love' brings a warm, tender embrace that can dissolve fear, hurt & haste. For self-love, self-worth & personal growth. An indispensable stone for 'off' days, when needing reassurance & love ~ can be 'over used' not always the correct crystal to have with emotional upset!

Enhances & conserves 'life~force' energy, promoting physical & emotional strength. Moves one towards empowerment more rapidly ~ helps banish sense of limitation is said to induce financial stability

Ruilated Quartz
The 'stone of connections' for links to family, friends, community & globally. For getting to root of a problem ~ a very helpful crystal to help ease depression.
Aids better communication with higher self and spirit guides

For prosperity, joy, fulfilling dreams & improving psychic abilities.~ Aids connection with higher self/spirit guides.
Helps to alleviate frustration, encourages focus & communication, a very protective stone

Brings happiness in marriage & live-in relationships. For attracting good fortune, friends & exercising self-control. Excellent stone for commitment in relationships and marriage vows

Selenite (Gypsum)
A good all rounder, Selenite is a wonderfully 'cooling' stone very useful within the Aura. An excellent crystal to use in mediation ~ generally a 'must have' for healing work. Selenite is also self cleansing!

Smoky Quartz
Smoky Quartz is a 'female' crystal it absorbs & releases excess energies, including anger, frustration, rage, despair & grief. Will neutralize 'dark' feelings by shining its natural light. Grounding and protective

Promotes psychic development. Encourages you to seek the truth in all situations. Excellent for co-operation in teams & groups ~ enhances communication and creative expression.

The 'new age love stone' encouraging generous heartedness & spiritual love between all peoples. Helps receptivity, confidence & feeling free.
Brings higher spiritual awareness into physical reality. Enhances sensitivity, has strong protective qualities & is an excellent stone for meditation.

Tigers Eye
Inspires courage, determination, focus & clear thinking, bringing a sunny warmth into life, protective and helps shift negative energy Helps soften stubbornness. Enhances clear perception & insight. Slightly masculine energy

Tiger Iron
Rational thinking & groundedness, for strength, stamina & to combat tiredness

An excellent clearing stone that can be used to direct energy around the body, soothes, heals, stimulates, recharges & re-motivates, raising energy. Promotes truth & forgiveness, brings joy & generosity

Balances the mind, the energy centres & the aura. Used by the ancients for providing personal protection & insight
Black ~ to dispel & deflect negative energy

Green ~ opens & prepares the heart to see more clearly. Good for resolving psychological issues concerning the father or other male figures.

Pink ~ for those continually 'giving' to family & community. Good for those in service professions ie; nursing, teaching etc;

Watermelon ~ Allows you to feel your feelings without being over-emotional. For developing good humour & sensitivity

The 'friendship' stone
For those wishing to speak out more in a personal or professional capacity, including teachers, performers and those wanting to 'find' their voice, Enhances meditation & creative expression

Gently releases conditions inhibiting change. Great to use during pregnancy (so I'm told) for mother & child

The 'Reiki stone' for enhancing the energy flow of those practising Reiki. Improves the immediate environment by absorbing toxins

~Spirituality First~
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A-Z of Crystals
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