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 The Ethics Of Spell Casting

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PostSubject: The Ethics Of Spell Casting   Sun Jul 06, 2008 5:39 pm

Originally posted by Somersethedge.


The ethics behind magic and therefore spell craft is very important. These ethics must NEVER be overlooked, as there is always danger when it comes to using any type of magic.

Spell casting (or any magical work for that matter) should never be entered into lightly or used without the right intent.

The basic rules of spell casting are:

Another person’s free will cannot be interfered with.

The affects on ALL others must be taken into consideration.

If you wish to work for someone other than yourself then you MUST have that person’s permission.

Cursing, bidding or binding SHOULD (MUST) NOT be undertaken.

Before any magical work is undertaken, the practitioner must ask themselves if the work is necessary. Often a spell is NOT the answer.

When “working” for yourself (or others for that matter) you must ALWAYS ask if what is asked for is truly wanted. The universe will often gives the person what they need NOT what they want, and the two things can be very different. Therefore you have to be prepared for what ever the outcome.

A case in point is…. You cast a spell for extra money for X, Y or Z. You then get a phone call to say a close relative has died… Fine you now have an inheritance coming your way and will have the money you needed, but was it really worth the loss of a relative to get it?

The old saying “be careful what you wish for--- you may just get it” is very true indeed!!!

~Spirituality First~
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The Ethics Of Spell Casting
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