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 Protection Spells

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PostSubject: Protection Spells   Sun Jul 06, 2008 5:43 pm

Spirituality First & its staff accepts no responsibilty for any spells tried from this forum and offers no guarantees.

Originally posted by Somersethedge.


You will need:
Water (spring or rain is best)
Salt (sea salt or table salt)
A chalice or bowl (largeish)
Three sprigs of fresh herbs (rosemary is best)
Blue or white ribbon

Use the ribbon to tie the stems of the herbs.
Fill the bowl two thirds full of water
Visualize the water full of magical power.

The Spell:
When you are ready go to the front door , dip the herbs into the water then using the herbs draw a pentagram on the inside of the door. As you do this say

Goddess powerful, Goddess trine
Grant blessing to this home of mine.

Re dip the herbs then sprinkle a bit of water by the door, repeating the blessing

Proceed clockwise through the house repeating it at each doorway.
When you return to the front door go out and close it behind you and repeat one last time out side.

~Spirituality First~
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Protection Spells
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