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 Auras and Chakras, How to detect, sense and see them.

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Auras and Chakras, How to detect, sense and see them. Empty
PostSubject: Auras and Chakras, How to detect, sense and see them.   Auras and Chakras, How to detect, sense and see them. EmptyWed Aug 13, 2008 11:57 pm

Auras and Chakras, How to detect, sense and see them.

The Human Energy Body

In addition to the aura, our energy body contains some active energy centres known as chakras, and a range of energy channels flowing through the body called meridians and nadis. Perhaps the easiest way of understanding this is to think of the energy body in similar terms to your physical body. The aura is the energy equivalent of your whole physical body, the chakras correspond to your brain and major organs, and the meridians and nadis are similar to your veins and arteries, but instead of blood, they carry energy—Ki—all over the body.

The aura is a field of energy or light that completely surrounds the physical body above, below, and on all sides. It is made up of seven layers, with the inner layers closest to the physical body comprised of the densest energy, and each succeeding layer being of finer and higher vibrations. Most people have an oval (elliptical) aura, which is slightly larger at the back than at the front and fairly narrow at the sides, and it also stretches above the head and below the feet. Your aura is not always the same size, however, as it can expand or contract depending upon a variety of factors such as how healthy you are, how you are feeling emotionally or psychologically at any given moment, or how comfortable you feel with the people in your immediate surroundings.

Detecting The Aura

Detecting auras allows people to gain a real understanding of the concept of energy and life-force before they learn to use the higher vibrations of Reiki healing energy to permeate, clear, balance, and energise the whole energy body.

The biggest shock for most people is finding out how large the aura can be! Of course it varies from person to person and it changes from day to day, but the outer layer of the aura can be anywhere from about two metres (six feet) to twenty metres (sixty-six feet) or even further away from the person’s physical body. This means that whenever we are with other people our auras are intermingling, and whether or not we are mindful of it we are picking up signals from other people’s auras all the time.

You don’t need expensive equipment to detect the aura—as I have stated, it can be done with dowsing rods or a pendulum, and it can also be sensed or felt with the hands.

Most people have heard of dowsing only in relation to finding sources of water, but dowsing is actually much more useful than that; it can be used to find virtually anything from minerals, metals, and oil to ley(?) lines, prehistoric earthworks, magnetic north, or even lost purses! Also, most people seem to think that dowsing is difficult, or that only certain people can do it, but it’s really very easy and takes only a few minutes to learn. I know, having shown hundreds of people how to do it.

Dowsing the Aura

Holding the rods comfortably and loosely at mid-chest height, stand some distance away from the person whose aura you want to detect. Seven to ten metres (twenty to thirty feet) away would be good, but it will still work in a more restricted space, although you may not find the outer layer. Then tune in to the person’s unique energy vibrations by saying aloud or silently “I am looking for this person’s aura” (insert the name of the person). Providing you are far enough away from the person, as you walk very slowly and evenly towards them, when the rods react by crossing or opening out (or whatever reaction is normal for you) you will have found the outer edge of their aura. If you are already within that person’s aura when you start, the rods may begin to move immediately. You can stop when the rods react. Then slowly walk forward again until you reach the next area where the rods change their reaction. It is not necessary to continually reaffirm that you are looking for the person’s aura—saying it once at the beginning is enough. And so on, until you get very close to the person. But do stop before the dowsing rods crash into the person! Remember the innermost layer(s) may be only a few centimetres from the body, so you may only be able to detect five or six of the seven layers.

Dowsing the Aura

What you may find interesting is to try detecting someone’s aura before a Reiki attunement or opening up to spirit, and then again afterwards, and compare the results. I sometimes have my students do this. To their amazement, they find that their auras have expanded to two or three times the size they were before the attunement. You need a very large space to check this out and usually will have to go outside to get enough space! It also works if you try it before and after a Reiki treatment, although the expansion isn’t usually quite so great. Another fun thing to try is detecting the auras around plants. One of my students was quite freaked out when detecting the aura of a large houseplant when he felt himself being pushed back by the plant’s aura—which I guess indicated that the plant didn’t particularly like its energy field being interfered with in that way! Plants are living beings, so if you try this, remember to ask permission first (even if you feel silly doing so); if you sense any discomfort, or even get a “no” in your head, then choose another plant.

Sensing The Aura With Your Hands

Something else you might like to try is sensing the aura directly with your hands. The easiest way is to sense your own aura between the palms of your hands. Hold your hands out in front of you with the palms facing each other, about sixty cms (two feet) apart, and intend to detect your auric energy. Remember, it is your intention that switches on the ability. Now close your eyes, so you have fewer distractions and can concentrate on any sensations in your hands and fingers, and then slowly bring your hands closer together. You may find that your palms get warm, or your fingers begin to tingle, and as your hands get quite close together you may feel a resistance between them, almost as though you have a balloon between your hands. That’s your auric energy!

Sensing the Aura

Another exercise you can use is to work in pairs, with one sitting in a chair and the other standing behind them, about an arm’s length away. The one standing then puts their arms out to their sides with the palms of their hands facing forward, fingers together, at about the height of the seated person’s ears. I advise them not to hold their hands above the person’s head, or crown chakra, as this can sometimes feel quite disturbing. Then tune in to the seated person by mentally asking to detect the layers of that person’s aura. Slowly and steadily bring the hands in towards the seated person’s ears whilst being as aware as possible of any subtle sensations in their hands—warmth, tingling, a buzzing sensation, a sense of a cool breeze on their palms, a gentle pressure, or even the sense that they cannot move their hands any further because of an invisible barrier. The seated person is also asked to be aware of any sensations around their head—this is often easiest with their eyes closed—and also reassure that if it becomes uncomfortable in any way they can ask their partner to stop at once.

Why might it become uncomfortable? Because this is a much more intrusive exercise than detecting the aura with rods— although occasionally some people do feel some odd sensations when someone is deliberately walking into layers of their aura with rods, too. However, when someone is trying to detect the aura around your head it can feel quite strange, and may even cause mild—or very occasionally severe—feelings of nausea, so this exercise should never be carried out without the person’s permission. So please, no sneaking up on people from behind for a quick feel of their auras!

Obviously you should stop when your hands are very close to the person’s ears, or whenever the seated person asks you to take your hands away. Sometimes the seated person will feel a pressure around their head or considerable warmth building up; or it may make their ears feel tingly or hot. When you have completed this exercise, do share with each other what you felt, and then swap positions so you can experience it from the other perspective. I wouldn’t advise doing this more than a couple of times with the same person during a single session. The sensitivity of the aura becomes greater the more you do this, and subconsciously the seated person will try to put up greater barriers to push away the person infringing their space—sometimes enough to almost knock them off their feet! Whilst this might be seen as a fun thing to achieve, it can leave the seated person with a bit of a headache, or feeling slightly sick for a while, if it goes on too long.

Seeing Auras

The third stage of detecting auras is to learn to see them, and the easiest way is to start by seeing your own. This is accomplished most easily by holding one or both of your hands out in front of you with your fingers spread as wide apart as possible, and then gazing softly at the spaces between the fingers. The innermost layer of the aura is the densest, so this is the one most people spot first as a pale bluish, greyish, or yellowish mist around each finger, perhaps only one or two centimetres thick (about a quarter of an inch). With lots of practice you may start to see other soft colors, occasionally flashes of brighter color. Looking for other people’s auras is also fun, but please remember not to stare! Apart from being rather rude, an intensive gaze is not the best way to see auras anyway—a soft gaze, perhaps with the eyes slightly closed, is better.

Some people find it very easy to see auras. For instance, one of my students, introduced for the first time to the concept of seeing auras, realised she had always been able to see them, but had thought it was something wrong with her sight! Others find it more difficult, but if you persevere it can be quite illuminating. You might be able to guess your partner’s mood from the colors in their aura, for instance. Or, use your skill to ascertain the feelings of other people to a suggestion you make at a business meeting.

The Chakras

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or vortex. There are seven major chakras in the human body located at (1) the base of the spine, (2) near the navel, (3) at the solar plexus, (4) in the middle of the chest, (5) in the throat, (6) the centre of the brow and (7) the crown of the head. In addition, there are more than twenty minor chakras, such as in the palms of the hands, on the knees, and on the soles of the feet. A healthy chakra vibrates evenly in a circular motion, resembling a funnel which is fairly narrow close to the body, but which becomes wider as it gets further out.

Detecting Chakras

Many people who do Reiki find it quite easy to detect and locate each of the chakras when they are scanning someone’s body before a Reiki treatment. You can also use a pendulum, which can be a crystal or a ring or some other suitable object at the end of a fine chain or length of embroidery silk or similar. In the same way as with the dowsing rods you need to tune in to the vibrations you are seeking, in this case chakras. So first, hold the pendulum still. This is easiest if your arm is supported. Silently or aloud ask “What is positive?” And then, “What is negative?” For me, the pendulum rotates in a circle in a clockwise direction for positive, and anti-clockwise for negative, but you may find that it circles the opposite way, or swings from left to right for one, and backward and forward for another.

Sometimes the chakra’s outer edge is only a few inches from the body, but it can extend up to a metre (three feet) away, depending upon the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state of the person. A really healthy, balanced, and open chakra will make a pendulum swing vigorously. Whereas, one which is unhealthy, unbalanced, or blocked will hardly move the pendulum at all. But don’t panic if when you first start dowsing for chakras the pendulum doesn’t move much! This may simply be that you are too tense for your body’s electromagnetic energy to flow easily, which can interfere with the accuracy of the result. Again, if you try this exercise before and after a Reiki attunement or treatment, you will usually find a greater reaction from the pendulum afterwards, as the flow of energy in the chakras becomes more balanced after Reiki.

This is only part of my blog..but thought I would post some here
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Auras and Chakras, How to detect, sense and see them. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Auras and Chakras, How to detect, sense and see them.   Auras and Chakras, How to detect, sense and see them. EmptyThu Aug 14, 2008 5:15 am

Thank you for this Healing Maiden i'll be along to your place later :huggy:

~Spirituality First~
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Auras and Chakras, How to detect, sense and see them. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Auras and Chakras, How to detect, sense and see them.   Auras and Chakras, How to detect, sense and see them. EmptyThu Aug 14, 2008 7:10 am

very interesting healing Maiden will come back & read again and hope to absorb more of it.
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Auras and Chakras, How to detect, sense and see them. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Auras and Chakras, How to detect, sense and see them.   Auras and Chakras, How to detect, sense and see them. EmptyFri Aug 15, 2008 1:22 pm

Maiden that is great post there.. will digest later... :yes:
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Auras and Chakras, How to detect, sense and see them. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Auras and Chakras, How to detect, sense and see them.   Auras and Chakras, How to detect, sense and see them. Empty

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Auras and Chakras, How to detect, sense and see them.
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