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PostSubject: Atlantis   Tue Sep 16, 2008 7:40 am

The following is all from Diana Cooper ~
In approximately 20,000BC, a clarion call resonated throughout the universes for volunteers to take part in the final experiment of Atlantis. 64,000 were chosen and for a glorious period of 1500 years, these people vibrated at a 5th dimensional frequency, their energy so pure that their chakras literally glowed with joy and vitality. They lived in cooperation, sharing and harmony, dedicating all to the highest good. They managed to maintain this high frequency, which was beyond duality, the only time and place on earth where there has been true oneness.

And they developed awesome spiritual technology, which enhanced all their lives and the planet. No negative words were in their vocabulary, they lived in the eternal present, their hearts were all open to love, their intention pure. When the experiment of Atlantis was first activated, the land mass filled the Atlantic Ocean. However, the energy of the people eventually devolved and the trial was terminated, the continent sinking beneath the waves. It was reinstated on several occasions but the end result was always the same and each time Atlantis was restored, the land mass became smaller.

When the trial was set up for the 5th and final time, the civilisation was spread over 5 islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean stretching down to North America. The only remaining parts of the land which made up Golden Atlantis are in the Bahamas, the Azores and the Canary Islands, though remains from earlier experiments are to be found on the perimiters of the Atlantic Ocean. Atlantis was the longest civilisation on the planet and lasted for 24,000 years, so virtually everyone currently in incarnation has had a life on the continent, and therefore holds memories about it at a cellular level. It was a cosmic experiment on earth to see if spirits could enter a physical incarnation, go through the Veil of Amnesia, experience emotions and all the senses and still maintain their spiritual oneness with god. For 1500 years at the start of the 5th experiment, this was achieved.

There were other experiments taking place on this planet at the same time, each of which had a different purpose. The reason Atlantis was so special and different from the other trials on earth was that it was a controlled experiment, for nothing and no-one could enter the domed place over the civilisation. Most importantly, during this period, extraordinary spiritual technology was created, which is beyond our current imaginings. Atlanteans loved the water and understood it's cosmic properties. Every home and temple in Golden Atlantis had a fountain or pond. Their houses were built in circles round the temple and they built stone circles over the points where underground streams crossed.

Atlanteans had 12 fully operational chakras which were ~

Stellar gateway
Soul Star
Third Eye
Solar Plexus
Earth Star

When Atlantis started to devolve, Stellar, Causal, Navel and Earth closed down. Only a handful of people can access true oneness through their Stellar Gateway. However, this is about to change and it is for people to start opening their higher chakras to bring through Divine energy of a much higher frequency to heal themselves and the earth. It is vitally important that we all open up to this, for this is the route by which our planet will be purified and ascend to it's righful place in the universe.

The people of Atlantis had 12 strands of DNA....the chakras and DNA are intimately connected. In the Golden Times, everyone knew how to relax deeply, down to a cellular level. Within the nucleus of the chromosomes in each cell, is found the DNA, in the shape of a double helix, like 2 chains of beads wrapped around each other. There are thousands of genes within each double helix of DNA, which contain your genetic coding. Your coding is, of course, a spiritual decision taken before birth, depending on your karma and what lessons/challenges your soul wishes to undertake. The codons/chains of beads are profoundly affected by your thoughts, emotions and the way you live your life.

In the relaxed and spiritual Golden Era, the 64 codons lay open and relaxed, side by side, so that all connections were made. this allowed them to maintain their great psychic and spirtual abilities. As Atlantis devolved, the strands tightened and started to twist around each other so that the beads no longer connected to each other properly. They went out of synch and only touched at intervals. Eventually 44 codons were switched off and the advanced spiritual and psychic abilities were disconnected. Now 44 are dormant (known as junk DNA) while 20 are enabled. As we live in peace, relaxation, love, joy and harmony, we bring back our 12 chakras, these will be switched on again and we will once more enjoy our spiritual powers.

One of the etheric crystal pyramids which formed part of the dome over Golden Atlantis has now been placed in Mount Shasta. It's of a very high frequency and draws people to it's energy. There is now one in Arizona and one in Tibet. More may be returned to their sacred places to boost their light.

Vibrations and numbers ~

11 is the Master vibration

22 is the vibration of the Master builder and manifestor

33 is the vibration of the Christ Consciousness

44 is the vibration of Golden Atlantis

Higher energies and the 12 chakras ~
Because our planet is rising in frequency Mother Earth is detoxing in preperation for the future. If you have been eating junk food and entertained dark emotions, you expect spots, bad breath and any number of unpleasant effects when you decide to detox. Buried emotions may also surface. It's the same with our planet, which after millenia of abuse by humans is now throwing off toxins, ready to move to a higher frequency. She is doing it with floods, volcanoes, fire, earthquakes, hurricaines and tornadoes. For the past few years many parts of the world have experienced these disasters for the first time or in a more extreme way. Dripping taps or water damage in your home may indicate it's time to look at unexpressed emotions in the family. Floods cleanse collective stuck emotions such as grief. Earthquakes shake up the foundations of our lives and release anger. So does a volcano. Gales and hurricaines blow away old thought forms and mind sets throughout an area. You're not helpless, here's what you can do ~

1 Every time you work on yourself to deal with your own stuff you help everyone for consciousness is catching

2 When your 12 chakras, which were operational in Golden Atlantis, are anchored and activated you can, for the first time connect with Source and bring pure Divine energy down through your body into the earth. Then 3 things happen ~

a - As this energy touches every cell of your body you have the opportunity to heal yourself totally

b - Your psychic and spiriual gifts come back to you

c - You become a transformer able to bring Source energy straight to Mother Earth. Then it can pass through the ley lines to the pyramids. This Holy force is able to heal the planet from damage inflicted by humans

*When enough people carry this higher energy, the power of the pyramids will be renewed. They are the energy transformers bringing power in from the universe. They also used to be energised by fifth dimensioanl people. Currently their energy is drained by low consciousness humanity and because they are no longer directly linked to the emanations of the star systems to which they were originally fien tuned. This mis-alignement happened due to the shift of the earth on it's axis since they were built. However, the raising of the consciousness of humanity will re-energise them.*

Meditation for the 12 Fifth Dimensional Chakras ~

This meditation is an initiation into the 12 chakras, so that you can safely bring source energy through your body for healing and purification, then into the earth to the pyramids. Your light will be used to help renew the power of the pyramids and to re-align them to the star systems to which they are finely tuned. You will then do your part to help heal the planet of all that humanity has perpertrated. You may need to practice this regularly.

If you start at the Earth Star and go upwards, you will open yourself up so do this in the morning. If you start at the Stellar Gateway and come down, you will close the chakras down, so it is good to do this at night.

1 Find a place where you can be undisturbed and quiet. Sit with your spine straight and comfortable

2 Breathe into your feet on the floor and let them become relaxed and heavy. Then breathe slowly up and down your back, relaxing it

3 Imagine the Stellar Gateway as a golden ball 12in above your head. At last your spiritual achievements earned through many lifetimes are recognised and you can open the ball into a flower to draw in Source energy

4 Below it, the magenta Soul Star, your higer self, glows with light. Cleanse it with the gold and silver violet flame then allow the petals to open, so that the Divine light from above flows into the Soul Star

5 Above the head is the pure white Causal Chakra, the higher mind, bringing in the qualities of all-seeing and all-knowing and allowing you to open to higher wisdom. Again, allow the petals to open so that the Divine light form above flows into it

6 Bring the Source light down into the crystal clear thousand petalled lotus at the crown of your head

7 Then down into the crystal ball at your third eye

8 Then into your royal blue throat chakra, preparing to be the voice of the universe and to co-create with Archangel Michael

9 Down into the pure white heart chakra filled with Christ Consciousness

10 Down into the deep gold solar plexus. Now you dissolve all your fear and that of the people around you

11 Down into the orange navel chakra

12 Down into the delicate pink sacral chakra, full of tenderness, love and transcendent sexuality

13 Down into the platinum base chakra where you connect with dolphin wisdom and have a solid spiritual foundation

14 Down into the black Earth Star 12in below your feet, holding your potential and the possibility of new beginnings

15 Let the Source energy flow through you into every cell in your body

16 Let the Source energy flow through the ley lines to the pyramids and sense it lighting them up and energising them. Feel the connections to the stars being re-established

17 See Mother Earth receiving the pure energy and healing herself totally

18 Thank Source for all you have received and close down by imagining the petals of each chakra closing
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PostSubject: Re: Atlantis   Tue Sep 16, 2008 7:43 am

Dolphins ~ The people of Golden Atlantis recognised that dolphins are the keepers of cosmic knowledge, for the information is stored in their brain like a computer. They loved them and built huge pools so that they could swim with their friends and telepathically access their wisdom, guidance and joy. Many of the dolphins now hold the information from the 12 regions. There are however, a few angel dolphins, those who were very high frequency guardian angels in the purest times, who took dolphin bodies. They hold immense wisdom and have great powers. If you are blesssed to swim with one of these beings or access one in meditation, they can help you in awesome ways. They are the blue dolphins, who radiate an electric blue light. In their angelic bodies these angels are seeking those who are pure and dedicated enough to help bring back the energy of Golden Atlantis. If you are willing and feel you are ready, please meditate and offer yourself in service to them.

Dolphins are the Keepers of the Wisdom of Atlantis. They accepted the ancient esoteric secrets when Atlantis fell and held them until humanity was ready to accept them again. That time is now. As you connect to this energy, you bring in and anchor the fifth dimensional base chakra, which sets you on the Ascension Pathway. This chakra is platinum and holds information which enables you to live life on a solid spiritual foundation. It contains the energy of bliss.

Find a place where you can be undisturbed and take time to unwind and relax
Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Breathe away all the tension in your body until you feel yourself moving into a deeper space
Breathe down through your feet into the earth, anchoring yourself to Mother Earth
Breathe a column of light from your crown to the Godhead, and ask for a shower of protective platinum light to uplift and enfold you
Invoke the Angels of Bliss. Feel them touching you, you may feel tingly
In front of you is a silvery blue sea. The water is twinkling in the golden sunlight and it's totally safe to enter the sea
Whether you can swim or not in the physical world, here you can move with freedom and delight
A dolphin is coming to you and you are swimming and playing joyously with him. Enjoy this
He is taking you on a journey. You may swim by him, ride on him or he may be pulling you along through the sea
He is taking you to the Cathedral of Sacred Heights in Atlantis. Here is where secret information is stored
Many dolphins join you to escort you to the base of the cliff
Angels of Bliss are lifting you up to the entrance gates of the Cathedral
Here you must ask for entry and state the purpose of your visit
You may visit the Sacred library or sit at the feet of the mighty High Priest and Priestess of Atlantis
Open yourself to new knowledge. This may be given to you telepathically or downloaded into your consciousness for use at a later time
When you are ready, the Angels of Bliss will return you to your seat with a blessing
Ground yourself and open your eyes
Consciously live as a keeper of the planet.
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PostSubject: Re: Atlantis   Tue Sep 16, 2008 7:45 am

The unicorns are appearing, the 12 rays have anchored on earth for the first time since the fall of Atlantis. The planet is detoxing, throwing off negativity and stuck karma, through earthquakes, hurricaines and floods.......

Unicorns ~ These beautiful white ascended horses with a spiralling horn of pure light radiating from the third eye, are of the angelic realms. They withdrew from Atlantis as the energy devolved but are now returning to help humanity rise to higher levels. Like the angels, they leave little white feathers as calling cards.
Unicorns have come to teach us qualities of dignity, pride, self-worth and honour. They are aiming to trigger once more our innocence, the original essence we had the moment we became a Divine spark. And they bring us hope and joy, even making wishes come true. These magnificent creatures heal by reconnecting people to their sprits. You'll find them in nature where the veils between the worlds are thinnest or communicate with them in meditation. They come to those who have a vision beyond themselves and help them bring it to fruition.

Find time and space to relax and breathe quietly. Imagine you are in a clearing in a beautiful woodland, birds are singing, a stream tinkles melodiously and the ripples sparkle in the gentle sunshine.
A pure white light approaches from a distance and as it comes closer you see it's a magnificent white unicorn with a horn of light. His energy is loving and kind.He lowers his head towards you and a shaft of pure light enters your heart.

Filled with love and a sense of calm, you stand and touch the unicorn. You are deeply honoured as he invites you to sit on his back and travel with him. You are totally safe and secure on his back as he rises in the air and together you fly over high mountains until you see a huge area of green grass and shimmering flowers. Here there are many unicorns but 2 are much bigger and more majestic than the others.

Your unicorn is landing on the grass and inviting you to meet the King and Queen of the unicorn kingdom. You get off your unicorn and walk with him to the mighty luminous creatures. You bow and await their communication for they have something important to impart. Feel every cell of your body light up as the higher energy is beamed into you. You are given a sense of freedom, dignity and worth.

As you hold out your hand, something appears in it. This is a gift from the King and Queen of the unicorns. Thank them, hold and cherish your gift. Sit on your unicorn once more and allow him to take you back to the place where you started. If you can, allow yourself to rest for a little while to absorb the energy.

Remember, the unicorn energy has connected with you and will help you maintain your aspirations and confidence. Each time you return, it will become stronger.

Unicorn gifts ~

Each gift means something, if yours is not amongst these, meet them again and ask them what your gift symbolised.

Feather ~ They want you to know they are working with you

Diamond ~ They are helping you bring out your gifts and talents

Rose ~ They are helping you open your heart centre to bring more love into your life

Snowflake ~ They are helping you purify your life so your true magnificence can return

Crystal clear ball ~ They are helping you clarify your third eye so that your psychic gifts and intuition can be sharpened
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PostSubject: Re: Atlantis   Tue Sep 16, 2008 7:47 am

Why is 2012 so important? ~

We are now living in 'end times' that is, the end of the Aztec and Mayan calendars, the end of the outbreath of Brahma, the end of a 26,000 year astrological period and the start of a new era. A cosmic moment occurs at the winter solstice in 2012, an instant of universal silence, which offers an unprecedented opportunity for Divine inspiration.

In addition, 3 planets are configured to interact at the 2012 solstice. Neptune, which represents higher spirituality, Pluto - transformation and Uranus - change. As the energies they represent work together, it will cause a massive impact on the consciousness of the planet. This offers a potential for a huge shift in consciousness. Of course, such high energies can equally be used for bad or used unwisely, which is why everyone is called on to heal their emotions and thoughts now and use this great opportunity to change the planet. Individually and collectively there has never been such an opportunity for spiritual growth.

How do i bring about the changes? ~

Bring your own life into peace and harmony. Your energy will then automatically lift the vibrations of everyone you come into contact with.

Recognise that everyone is equal and treat them as such

Honour all life forms from rocks, insects and plants to animals and humans

Give no energy to fear, darkness and mass hysteria. Instead, focus on the good, the wise and the great, so that it expands

Visualise everyone throughout the world holding hands in peace

If enough individuals do these things, the consciousness of all must inevitably rise

Are there any crystals which will help me prepare for 2012? ~

There are 4 and if you carry them at all times they will subtly work on your chakras ~

Calcite (any colour) opens your Stellar Gateway

Selenite works with your Soul Star

Kyanite helps re-align your mind and brain for the higher energy

Haematite helps bring the Divine energies into your blood stream, so that it spreads through you

Is the energy already rising for 2012 and is there spiritual intervention? ~

Yes, the consciousness of earth has already risen in preperation. A number of things have been happening to prepare us for a higher way of being, so that we can eventually bring back the energy of Heaven to earth. This is a long slow process and will not happen overnight, but Lady Gaia has decreed that earth will once more become a fifth dimensional planet. Pulses of light are beamed to earth at increasing intervals. Light contains spiritual knowledge and information. Higher angels of light are flocking to earth. Wise old souls are re-incarnating to help with the shift. Indigo, rainbow and crystal children - the enlightened ones, are incarnating. Powerful energies that were withdrawn at the fall of Atlantis are being returned to us. These include Reiki, the Mahatma Energy, the Violet Flame, the Gem Rays and others.

Special energy came in with the Harmonic Convergence and Harmonic Concordance. The double Venus transit is starting to balance the masculine and feminine energy on earth. The dolphins are making their presence felt. The Angels of Atlantis have returned to earth to seek people to work with them to bring back the energy of Atlantis........
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PostSubject: Re: Atlantis   Tue Sep 16, 2008 11:55 am

thanks for that Tawny - and what beautiful pictures that accompany the words. :huggy:
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PostSubject: Re: Atlantis   

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