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 Spirituality and Facts

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PostSubject: Spirituality and Facts   Spirituality and Facts EmptySat Jan 12, 2008 12:38 pm

Usually we supose that spirituality is related with paranormal facts
but have you ever asked yourself what is your level of being? how spiritual really are you?
how are your relationships? what kind of thoughts you have? what kind of feelings you have?
I guess that when a person ask this kind of questions is close to fin the Secret Path... the Being's Path.

I propose to start a practical and spiritual work based on three factors:

1. Psychological Dead:

When we practice self-observation of the inner world seriously, we will be surprised with so many defects we have. Each of our defects is a different person. When we eliminate any of our defects, there is liberated the Conscience that was catched in it. With the Death of each of our defects we can recover the Wisdom and Love that were trapped in it. By this way the Conscience’s sparks are released and they will add with the free Conscience.

Method to liberate our Conscience:

1. Self-observation (moment by moment) to discover our different defects.
2. Discovered defect must be judged until understanding it.
3. Before comprehend it, we will eliminate it asking to our Divine Mother to remove it of our Psyche.

With this simple procedure we can change our character, eliminating any little manifestation (or little detail) of the defect as thought, feeling or action we can release the Conscience catched in each one of our defects. This process is called Death in March.

2. Sexual Born:

In the sexual center is latent all the potential of the human being; the good use of this center regenerates us. The Supra-sex or Superior Sex allows us to create the Superior Bodies of the Being. By this way we can obtain a real representation in the different Dimensions of the nature.

This is obtained through the sexual union of a man and a woman, the insertion of the masculine phallus in the feminine yoni, without loss the Creative Sexual Energy, making this important energy to rise up through the spinal cord to the brain. We must need to value this sacred energy.

Thus the Physical and Vital bodies are regenerated. Then we can create the Astral and Mental Bodies and finally, the Body of the Solar Will, to turn us into Real Men.

3. Sacrifice for Humanity:

A person begins to know the inner world because has started to experience and verify the reality of his own particular Being. By this verification he recognizes that self-knowledge needs a serious work.

When we are working in the Creation of the Bodies, the elimination of our defects and teaching to the humanity, it becomes necessary to develop the love by the work itself without any other interest. This is one of the most difficult inner states because we are always waiting by a reward.

When we work with non-interest, when we do a real Sacrifice for the Humanity we can experience the Love for Her, vibrate with the wonderful force of Love, and we can feel an important change in each of our cells.

Only through the practice and the direct experimentation it is possible to improve our aptitude to do it, and this is Mystique because Love without facts is impossible.
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PostSubject: Re: Spirituality and Facts   Spirituality and Facts EmptySat Jan 12, 2008 9:20 pm

Hi linavus, Welcome to Spirituality First, what an intriguing first post.
Spirituality is generally considered to be related to paranormal facts, but in my experience this is merely scratching the surface. The paranormal facts or phenomena are usually what initially draws people into spiritual matters, so while it is not the most important factor of spirituality it does have it's place. It was that very phenomena which drew me into it, having being raised with no belief system as an atheist.

I have and continue to ask myself those questions, as spirituality is a progression imo and the answers to those questions 10 years ago are very different to what they would be today.

I'm interested in your proposed work, are you intending to do that here or at least keep records of your work here i for one would be interested in reading it.

I look forward to hearing from you again

~Spirituality First~
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Spirituality and Facts
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